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the capital and the largest city of Sweden

  1. Skansen
major open air museum and zoo, located on the island Djurgården; founded in 1891.
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  2. Millesgarden
fantastic views, statues and sculptures on the island of Lidingö.
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  3. Stadshuset (City Hall)
home for Nobel Prize ceremonies, the city government and a luxury restaurant.
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  4. Vasa Museum
view the Vasa, the only preserved ship in the world from the 1600s
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  5. Thielska Galleriet Museum
a stunning art collection gallery in a beautiful setting.
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  6. Rosendal Gardens
rural recreational garden in the middle of an urban area.
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  7. The Army Museum
well arranged scenes with wax figures and exhibits behind glass.
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  8. Sightseeing Boat Tours
discover the network of water canals as well as the old and new parts of the city.
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  9. Royal Opera House
the Sweden's national stage for ballet and opera.
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10. The Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)
daily change of the Royal Guard at 12:15 (Sundays and holidays at 13:15pm).
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Country: Sweden
City area: 188 km2

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